Welcome to the official website of the Zagreb modelling Cup “Crna Kraljica”




Z1 propeller aircrafts 1:72
Z2 jet aircrafts 1:72 
Z3 propeller aircrafts 1:48
Z4 jet aircrafts 1:48
Z5 aircrafts 1:144 and smaller
Z6 aircrafts 1:32 and bigger
Z7 civil aircrafts of all sizes
Z8 helicopters of all sizes


V1 military vehicles until 1945. 1:72 and smaller
V2 military vehicles from 1945. 1:72 and smaller
V3 military vehicles 1:48
V4 military vehicles until 1945. 1:35 and bigger
V5 military vehicles from 1945. 1:35 and bigger


D1 dioramas and vignettes 1:72 and smaller
D2 dioramas and vignettes 1:48
D3 dioramas and vignettes 1:35 and bigger


P1 vessels powered by sails and oars 
P2 vessels 1:350 and bigger powered by engine
P3 vessels smaller than 1:350 powered by engine


F1 historical figures up to 54mm
F2 historical figures and bust models bigger than 54 mm
F3 dioramas and vignettes of figures of all sizes


S1 science fiction and space program of all sizes
S2 Fantasy figures of all sizes
S3 what if all sizes
S4 Sci-fi / Fantasy WARGAMING (28mm-32mm)


C1 civilian vehicles of all sizes
C2 racing vehicles of all sizes



J1 aircrafts of all sizes
J2 vehicles of all sizes
J3 boats of all sizes
J4 rest of all sizes

DJ1 aircrafts of all sizes
DJ2 vehicles of all sizes
DJ3 boats of all sizes
DJ4 rest of all sizes



SK1 – wooden boats models made of wood
SK2 – collection – 3 or more models on the same subject


PK1 – royal air force
PK2 – military motocycles
PK3 – AA defence
PK4 – emergency services
PK5 – tanks Mark I-X
PK6 – torpedo bombers

Notice: If in some of the senior, junior and child categories appears 7 or more models with quality and with some common characteristics based on which it could be established a new category for that group of models, organizer has the right to decide to create a new category during competition itself.

Competition Rules and Conditions

Registration fee is 40 Kn (6 EUR) per competitor, regardless of the number of models registered by competitors.

Children (competitors under 13 years) and Juniors (competitors 13 to 18 years) do not pay the registration fee.

Number of models submitted by the competitor is not limited.

In the senior categories, only models of competitors older than 18 years may be registered.
In the junior categories, only models of competitors 13 to 18 years may be registered.
In the child categories, only models of competitors younger than 13 years may be registered.

A competitor in the junior or child categories, if he desire, can compete in the senior category. In this case, he must pay the registration fee of 40 Kn (6 EUR).
Only models that did not compete in previous cups “Crna Kraljica” may compete in the senior, junior or child categories.

If during judicial review for some models establishes that have already competed in the previous Cups of “Crna Kraljica”, these models will not be evaluated by the Judicial Commission.

The work for which the organizer found to be outside of the limits of good taste, or insult any group of religious, racial, or other basis, will be disqualified.

All models that participated in any previous competitions can compete in special categories.

For a model which has the right to compete in senior, junior or child category, competitor chooses one of the listed senior, junior or child category as the main competition category.
For the same model, in addition to selected main competition category, the competitor may choose one or more special categories of competition.

Documentation about model is not necessarily to attach, but it is desirable, especially if the model is conversion, built from scratch, or commercial sets is used, etc.

Visitors who just want to exhibit their works without participation in the competition for exhibited models, will be able to exhibit their works at a specially provided location.

To prevent possible accidents that may occur during the judicial review of your model, it is recommended that all models participating in the competition are well attached to their own base. If you set the model on its own base, but without firm attachment, we ask you to put a paper next to the model with printed notice “MODEL IS NOT ATTACHED TO IT’S BASE!”

During the competition, no one but the judges will be allowed to touch or move models that will be exhibited at the competition tables. The exhibited models of the competition will be under the strict supervision of the organizer staff.

Competitors will be able to take back their models only after the official closing of the competition and it will be organized procedure. Competitors shall take back their models using the part of the application form, which they will get from the organizer staff during model registration.

After reviewing all the models in each category, judges teams will separate those with obviously lower quality (visible defects of painting or assembling the model, traces of putty, glue or fingerprints, and unrealistic weathering, visible mistakes of setting up decals, etc.) that will not be included in further consideration for the top three places. Judges will select models that will be considered for a medal, and those will be thoroughly examined and evaluated.

It is believed that each competitor by registering his work also accepts the contest rules. Decisions of judges are final and they are not discussed.

The ranking for the top three places in each category will be announced at the end of the competition. For all other models in the categories that have not won a medal, rankings will not be published. For special categories only the winners of first places will be announced.

On the web page of results of the official “Crna Kraljica” website will be presented the placement of the first three places per category and the first place for each special category. For all other models that have not won the first three places will be presented a list without ranking.

Competition Registration

Fortyfive (45) days before the competition we will announce the application form and terms of registration.

Programme of events

Fortyfive (45) days before the competition we will announce complete program of the event and all side events.

If you have any questions about competition, please send it to: